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ALICE 1.Sezon 4.Bölüm izle, Part 1: Captian Ko recovers in the hospital after getting stabbed by the desperate mother who gets away with her daughter. However, Alice agents and Jin Gyeom track her down. Sergeant Dong Ho manages to handcuff Alice agent Min Hyuk, but he disappears into thin air. Meanwhile, Tae Yi goes through Jin Gyeom’s late mother's possessions for additional clues and tells Jin Gyeom she was never just an ordinary housewife. Part 2: Tae Yi begs Jin Gyeom to let her continue investigating the card, but he won't let her even touch it. Jin Gyeom meets with Seok Oh Won, a director at a research facility, and suspects him to be his mother's murderer. Meanwhile, a drone appears outside Tae Yi window.

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